~ GodlyRO USA private server ~

GodlyRO will bring you and your friends our very own low-rate leveling with high drop rate experience on our customized server.

Service 1


Opened on February 27, 2020

Feel the nostalgia with our Customized Ragnarok Experience.

Being active can also rewards you Donation Items.

Service 2


Our mission is to bring together a small community of a new RO home to everyone.

Service 3


Maxed Level will reward you 5,000 Godly Coins. Limited until April 6th, 2020.

Triple the rates every weekend. (207x Rates)

Server Information

Information Description
Episode Customized - Storyline to be continued
Multi Clienting On!
Main/Vending Town neke_isle
Base EXP 69x
Job EXP 69x
Quest EXP 50x
MvP Card/Item/Equipment Drop Rate Customized! MvP: 2.50% | MiniBoss: 5.0% | Common: 10% | Items: 10000 | Equipment : 10000
Max Base-Level 255
Max Job-Level 175
Max Stats 255
Max ASPD 195
Mechanics Pre-renewal-Trans Class
Party Share Range 255
Weekend Rates
Base EXP 207x
Job EXP 207x
Headgear|Costume|Weapons|Accessory|Equipment Customized GodlyRO Stats!

Basic Commands

@autoloot @autoloottype @autotrade
@rates @hominfo @homstats @iteminfo @mobinfo @help @mobinfo @warp @go @changeleader @uptime @changegm @whogm @leave @mount2
@jailtime @noask @noks @refresh
@showexp @showzeny @time
@who @whodrops @whereis

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