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Thank you for your time to read up upon our server information.

GodlyRO is a pre-renewal ragnarok private server with slow mid rate leveling that has a high levels experience. Our server is customized and our customized sets has 2 slots. Our customized weapons have 4 slots. We have many costumes and customs. We will continue to keep adding more and more monthly. Make us your new server home and be part of the Gods.

Head on over to the registration page and give us a go!
Hope you see you in-game,
[GM]Pretty [Developer]Sommy [GM]Godly[Admin]

~ General Information ~

Base Exp : 500.00x
Job Exp : 500.00x
Quest Exp : Default
Normal Item/Card/Equipment Drop Rate : 100.00x/10%/100.00x
MvP Card/Item/Equipment : 2.50%/100.00x/100.00x
Max Base Level : 255
Max Job Level : 175
Max Stats : 255
Max ASPD : 195
Instant Cast : 150 Dexterity

Gameplay Information

Main Language : English
Server Location : New York, USA
Episode : Customized
Multi-Clienting : Enabled
Main Town : Neko Island (@main)
Mechanics : Pre-Renewal Trans Class
Party Share Range : 0
MvP Cards : Enabled ( We will customized Tao Gunka, GTB, FBH )

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to join our discord channel. The community and GMs will answer your questions.

Something to Watch!
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World Boss
Required Kills: 10000
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