By donating, you are supporting the running and maintaining of GodlyRO.

In return, you will receive Godly Coins to redeem items from the Cash Shop in-game.


$5 = 5000 Godly Coins

$10 = 10,000 Godly Coins

$20 = 20,000 Godly Coins

$50 = 50,500 Godly Coins

$75 = 75,000 Godly Coins

$100 = 100,000 Godly Coins


GodlyRO will accept donation payments through paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, and it will all be used towards funds and keeping the server alive. Hosting GodlyRO cost about $60 a month. Feel free to contact admin at Pretty#6778 on discord for further information.

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