Server Information

The rate the common items, healing items, usuable items, equipment are dropped : 10,000x or 100%

The rate at which cards are dropped

Normal Card : 10.00%

Mini-Boss : 5.0%

MvP : 2.50%

Show announces for 2.50% or lower drop chance items

Are arrows/ammo does not consumed when used on a bow/gun

Base Exp Rate :500x

Job Exp Rate: 500x

MvP Exp Bonus Rate: 50x

Quest EXP : 50x

No penalty upon death

Max aspd: 195

Max stats: 255

Status points bonus for transcendent class : 2052

Players' will drop a 'Skull' in PvP Maps

Multi-level up is enabled



If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to join our discord channel. The community and GMs will answer your questions.